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Project Process & Approach

If you’re passionate about changing the world, then your time at UCSC should be spent not just preparing to do that, but actively working towards social justice in solidarity with communities. The Everett Program will guide you through the process of forming a partnership with amazing orgs working in your area of interest while incubating your passion project.

Identifying Partners

This happens mostly from June-September each year, with a few exceptional organizations chosen by students who are in our Fall course. We identify partners based on urgent, relevant social justice issues in the world and their needs fitting within the scope of what Everett students can reasonably learn in our year-long course. This begins with a partner needs assessment.

Prepare Students for Project

This happens from September-December each year. We prepare students by introducing the theory and methods of using technology for social impact looking at the work of labor unions, #blacklivesmatter, and the Arab Spring as case studies for how technology can be used to support activists.

Co-Designing Projects for Impact

Students then put in the work and create something amazing and are encouraged to form teams and are introduced to possible community partners from across Santa Cruz County and around the globe from Gilroy to Ghana.

Fund and Implement Projects

Now that you have a killer project, how do you pay for it? And once you’ve done it, how do you know if what you did worked? Everett will introduce you to a diverse world of project funding opportunities ranging from crowdfunding to UCSC college grants, to the Everett Project Fund which is funded by student fees.