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Everett Program

The Everett Program for Technology and Social Change develops young leaders who use the technical, educational, and research resources of the university to work directly with communities, empowering people to develop practical solutions to persistent problems.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

– Aboriginal activist group, Queensland, 1970s

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We cannot be silent in this time of civil and social unrest. The murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department and “unrelenting anti-Blackness of 2020” (UCSC BSU official statement) has reignited civil uprisings in the United States over the ongoing murder of innocent Black people by the police. The outrage and frustration being visibly demonstrated through direct action stems from 400 years of violence and oppression towards Black community members at the hands of the State. While the violence of the State toward Black communities is not new, the more widespread access to technology is. This advancement has allowed activists more power to organize and …
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We envision a world in which the power of technology is effectively harnessed by marginalized communities to promote social justice and environmental sustainability.



We work towards:
young leaders connected to empowered communities skillfully using tech and communication tools to help build a socially, economically, sustainably just world

Projects Implemented

People Impacted

Students Joined

Common Goal

Our Work


Our projects are developed in collaboration with community partners, and involve helping to analyze and solve key information and communication challenges around issues of social justice and environmental sustainability.


Our partners are non-profits and civil society groups rooted in communities experiencing inequality and injustice, who work with us to increase their technological capacities.


Our core year-long applied project development classes helps prepare and support students in implementing technology-linked projects with community partners.


To develop communities of practice in a student-led, social-change oriented informal STEM learning “impactathon” program followed by in-depth applied social change project development, design and implementation

Youth Empowerment Institute

YEI wants to inspire young women to pursue STEM and higher education. Tech is dominated by individuals who belong in privileged groups (men, wealthy) and YEI is aimed at creating more opportunities to allow women to advance their tech skills and see that they are capable of entering that field.


Gateways provides comprehensive digital workforce development workshops to incarcerated individuals in Santa Cruz County. Taught by students from the Everett Program, these classes further support students to develop skills in emotional intelligence and workplace communication.

Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez

Founder of DigitalNest

“The Digital NEST is growing at a rate often not seen in non-profit organizations. That growth has been made possible by the talent we have been able to recruit from the Everett program. We have successfully recruited 6 Everett alumni to the staff of the Digital NEST and one of them has risen to the Director level. They are a source of talent because of their technical and professional skills and for their knowledge and commitment to social justice.” 

Tyler Spencer

Tyler Spencer

Class of 2017, Everett Alumni Foundation Board Member

“The Everett Program was a life-changing experience that, as a history major, enabled me to work on the historical social injustices that I had learned about. It empowered students to tackle technology and created a space that fosters leadership, which have remained invaluable lessons!”

Mai Sutton

Mai Sutton

Board President Everett Alumni Foundation

“I am in awe of the Everett Program and what it has achieved over the years, and I’ve come to appreciate how truly rare it is ever since graduating from the program near a decade ago. How many universities can say that they have a hands-on social justice training program that empowers students to be so resourceful and entrepreneurial–not for some profit objective o to tangibly and positively improve communities using technology. This program changes the world.”

Support Us

The Everett Program is able to support the leadership of dozens of students each year and consult on several large projects locally and globally through the generous support of our donors and monthly excelerators. Consider giving today to build the next generation of diverse leadership AND get technical support to non-profits in need.

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